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For the Meat Lovers


Off The Hot Plate Gyros

Swap the chips for a salad at no extra cost OR ADD salad for $1.50

Classic Chicken Gyro

Shredded chicken breast, garlic dip, chips, sumac grilled onion, tzatziki


Beef Shawarma Gyro

Shredded beef steak, chips, garlic dip, grilled onion, tomato, tahini sauce


Swap the chips to salad for no extra cost OR ADD salad for $1.50

Off The Hot Coal Grill Gyros

Tawook Gyro

Chicken breast skewer, slaw, chips, garlic dip, sumac grilled onion, tzatziki


Lamb Souvlaki Gyro

Lamb tenderloin skewer, chips, mixed leaf, tomato, grilled onion, tzatziki


Kafta Gyro

Moroccan spiced mince lamb skewer, hummus, slaw, tomato, chips, tahini sauce


For the Vegetarians *vg-vegan

Classic Falafel Gyro

Mix leaf, tomato, hummus, tahini sauce(vg)


Falafel & Seasonal Grilled Veggies Gyro

Mix leaf, tomato, hummus, tahini sauce(vg)


Grilled Halloumi Gyro

Mix leaf, tomato, olive tapenade, caramelised onion, & babaganoush


Veggie Delight Gyro

Falafel, cauliflower, haloumi, babaganoush, mix leaf, tomato, tahini sauce


Combination Gyros

Beef & Chicken Gyro

Mix leaf, tomato, hummus, sumac grilled onion, chips, tahini sauce


Classic Chicken & Cauliflower Gyro

Mix leaf, tomato, babaganoush, chips, grilled onion, tzatziki


Gyros Extras Only - dips/sauces 60c | falafel $3.00 | halloumi $3.50 | Fried Cauliflower $3.5 | pickles/chips $1.00

Souks Signature Bowls (gluten-free, dairy-free)


Mix leaf, tomato, caramelised onion, charred capsicum, lemon vinaigrette


Classic Chicken

Mix leaf, tomato, cucumber, slaw, sumac grilled onion, charred capsicum, Tahini



Mix leaf, tomato, cucumber, slaw, sumac grilled onion, charred capsicum, Tahini



Mix leaf, tomato, cucumber, slaw, sumac grilled onion, charred capsicum, Tahini


Falafel & Cauliflower

Mix leaf, tomato, cucumber, pickles, hummus, Tahini


Extra Protein - Chicken $6.50 | Beef $6.80 | Lamb kafta $6.50 | Lamb Souvlaki $7.50 | Veg. $5.50

Lunch Plates

All served with pita bread.

Meat Lovers-choose from Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma or Lamb Kafta

Mix leaf salad, hummus, turmeric, cardamon & mince lamb pilaf rice, hot chips & tahini sauce



2 falafels, grilled halloumi, fried cauliflower, babaganoush, mixed leaf salad



2 falafels, fried cauliflower, sumac grilled veggies, tahini sauce, hummus and babaganoush


Rice Dishes

(Turmeric, Cardamon & Moroccan lamb Pilaf Rice- sumac grilled onion, grilled tomato, tahini sauce)

Chicken Shawarma


Lamb Kafta


Beef Shawarma


Skewers off the hot coal grill

Souks garden salad, pita & dipping sauce

Lamb Souvlaki (2)

Garlic, rosemary, lemon thyme tenderloin- grilled onion & capsicum-dukkah


Chicken Tawook (2)

Garlic, lemon & oregano chicken breast


Kafta (2)

Moroccan spiced mince lamb, parsley & shallots, sumac grilled onion


Mix Skewers

One of Each

Hummus, Garden salad, sumac grilled onion, hot chips and pita


Grills off the hot plate

Served w/ side of hot chips & pita

Beef Shawarma (200grms)

Souks spice mix, sumac grilled onion, grilled tomato, Tahini sauce


Chicken Shawarma (200grms)

Souks lemon spice mix, sumac grilled onion, Tzatziki


Banquet To Share

$36.00 per person min 2

Hummus, Falafel, Grilled Halloumi, Garden Salad, 3 Different Grills, Tahini Sauce & Hot Chips


Pita Bread


Haloumi (3)

Grilled Cypriot cheese, caramelised lemon & dukkah



Hummus, Babaganoush, & Tzatziki

side w/pita $5.50 single/pita $8.50 trio/pita $15.50

Fried cauliflower

Souks spice mix, tahini sauce


Falafels (2)

Mix leaf, tomato, pickles, and tahini sauce


Hot Chips Plain

Small $7.00 Large $8.50

Hot Chips Fetta & Oregano


Leaf Salad

Mix leaf, Tomato & Cucumber, Spanish onion, sumac, Lemon Vinaigrette

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